Friends of Lewes Tree Planting – 2018

November 2018 – Mount Harry Stores, and Houndean Rise

Lewes Urban Arboretum, Trees Committee of Friends of Lewes planted four more trees on 18 November 2018. At the request of residents living nearby, a Ginkgo biloba, (Maidenhair Tree), Sorbus aria Magnifica, (Whitebeam) and an Acer campestre Louisa Red Shine, (Field Maple with especially red leaves in Autumn), were planted outside Mount Harry Stores. Another Liquidambar styraciflua Worplesdon, (Sweet Gum), was planted in Houndean Rise to add to the twelve which we planted there in March 2018: as a project in consultation with residents to replace trees which have been lost over the years. The residents have taken very good care of the trees by watering them regularly over the dry summer which we have just had.

Trees planted in Lewes by the Friends of Lewes
Liquidambar planted on Houndean Rise, and planting outside Mount Harry Stores, Lewes


March 2018 – Lewes Street Elms Project

The Friends of Lewes’s “Lewes Street Elms” project aims to restore the avenue of Elm trees on St Anne’s Hill, Western Road, and at the same time to create a beautiful, green and healthy gateway to Lewes High Street.

These elms will improve the health and biodiversity of the environment for birds, bees and humans, by reducing pollution, producing oxygen, and helping to avoid water run-off.

The original seven Elms, dating from about 1900, have now all been felled because they had Dutch Elm Disease.

St Anne's Hill Elms, Lewes, 1916 and 1910

Elms on St Anne’s Hill, Lewes in about 1910 and 1916
Postcards courtesy of Mick Symes and the Lewes Past Facebook Group

The photo on the left, below, shows one of the two new DED-resistant Elms already planted on this site in March 2017, thanks to the support of East Sussex County Council, Lewes Town Council and a generous donation from a member of the public.

Lewes Elm planted 2017, and on 15 March 2018

Two new DED-resistant Elms planted in Lewes, 2017 and 2018

On 15 March 2018, the ESCC arranged for another new Elm tree to be planted at St Anne’s Hill – photo above, right. The Friends of Lewes and The Chalk Cliff Trust contributed to the funding for this.

Tesco has already granted a further £1,000, and this sum could be increased by the supermarket’s  blue tokens voting scheme during March and April 2018.

In January 2019, a fourth Elm tree was added to the row.


March 2018 – Houndean Rise
On Sunday 11th March the Trees Committee of Friends of Lewes, helped by some of the residents, planted twelve trees in Houndean Rise.

In recent years many trees had to be felled and have not been replaced. We chose the trees, in consultation with the residents, for a mix of Spring and Autumn colour. They also had to be varieties which would prove resilient on such narrow, chalky verges. It had been quite difficult to find individual sites for each of the trees, because of the complex network of underground utilities shown to be under the street, but we managed to find a place outside each of the homes where a resident had agreed to look after one or more trees and water them.

The trees are: 2 x Acer Campestre Elsrijk, (Field Maple); 2 x Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer, (Ornamental Pear); 3 x Prunus padus Albertii, (Cherry); 2 x Prunus Umeniko, (Cherry), 2 x Liquidambar styraciflua Worplesdon, (Sweet Gum); and 1 x Cercis siliquastrum, (Judas Tree). Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible.

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