FoL Consultation Response: St Anne’s School site, Lewes (August 2011)

Friends of Lewes response to the East Sussex County County Council’s consultation on the St Anne’s School site

The Society has considered how the redundant St Anne’s school site should be used in the future. In the first instance it considers that whatever uses are found for the site it is very important that the trees on it are retained as they provide a good landscape feature which, among other things, partially hides the ugly County Hall office blocks from some viewpoints.

The former Southover rectory building and possibly some of the older outbuildings merit retention and renovation and could be used as a school, which would be consistent with their previous use, a youth hostel or even converted into flats.

In the long term the western part of the site should be reserved for possible expansion of Lewes Cemetery, whilst the remainder could be used for housing, depending on whether the use found for the house allowed this, but any significant development should only be permitted if access to it was from St Anne’ Crescent. In addition the Society reserves its position on any proposed change until the details are known.

Any short term use should be consistent with these long term aspirations and not be allowed to influence what is decided for the latter. However the Society would have no objection to the demolition of the modern buildings in this interim period.

The Society looks forward to being kept in touch with the County Council’s intentions for this site and to have the opportunity of commenting on any detailed proposals that may arise.

Friends of Lewes Society

25 August 2011