Local Sustainable Transport Fund – Comments from Friends of Lewes in response to ESCC Highway’s Autumn 2013 Consultation

The East Sussex County Council solicited views about various schemes proposed under the banner ‘Lewes Steps Forward’ which are intended to  improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in the town.

In June 2012 the County Council was awarded £3.7 million from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). This funding is being used to deliver a programme of local transport measures across Lewes, Eastbourne and the Newhaven area; the end date of the programme is March 2015.

The County Council has developed a number of proposals to improve conditions in Lewes with some of this funding, and views were sought to help decide how the proposals will be taken forward.

Friends of Lewes comments in response to this consultation, October 2013 [pdf 204kb]


List of Friends of Lewes Society responses to consultations