Friends of Lewes marks good building design

The Friends of Lewes has recently made a number of awards for good architectural design and workmanship. The Society does this every three years or so.

At an event hosted in the offices of Axiom Architects, FoL recognised the work of architects, builders, craftsmen and property owners. Certificates were presented by the Society’s President, Phyllida Stewart-Roberts.

Four properties were given awards for good design:

  • The Linklater Pavilion on the Railway Land
  • New offices for Axiom Architects in Brooklands Yard, Southover High Street
  • The Chapter House at St. John the Baptist Church, Southover
  • Lewes Priory Park, for restoration, access and interpretation

Additional awards were made to Kate Hickmott, Educational Consultant to the Priory Trust, and to Andy Gammon for his graphics and interpretation in the Priory Park.

Three conversions or restorations were commended:

  • The restoration of the memorial to Russian/Finnish prisoners in St John-sub-Castro churchyard
  • The refurbishment of the Rights of Man pub, 179 High Street, for Harveys
  • The former police station in West Street, now converted into flats

If there are places on this list with which you are not familiar, Friends of Lewes encourage you to take a walk and see them for yourselves.

Details of the awards, and pictures of the buildings [pdf 5.43mb]



New Offices for Axiom Architects