The Friends of Lewes Civic Society & District Council co-fund improvements

The Friends of Lewes has worked closely with Lewes District Council to secure improvements to the “public realm” in the town over the past year. The Society believes that Lewes is a special place: these are small examples of their efforts to enhance its appearance.

In the Grange Gardens in Southover, FoL played an advisory role to ensure that the most appropriate and least visually-intrusive safety fencing was chosen to go as required along the channel of the Winterbourne stream. In the Knot Garden, now repairs to the paths are completed, a jointly-funded floral centrepiece to replace the now-defunct fountain is planned.

In the attractive flower beds at the western end of Phoenix Causeway, a ‘gateway’ to the town, FoL has partly sponsored the planting costs for the next three years.

Another shared project is at the bottom of Watergate Lane, where the granite bollard protecting the Victorian Water trough, missing for many years, has been replaced and the stonework cleaned.