Friends of Lewes co-operating to tackle litter

Litter-Free Lewes is a group of active volunteers which formed on Facebook only a few months ago, but it has won the support of Lewes District Council and sponsorship from the town’s civic society, the Friends of Lewes, in recognition of the impact it has had.

Litter-Free Lewes’s hi-vis jackets have been printed following a donation of £100 from Friends of Lewes.

Litter Free Lewes jackets donated by Friends of LewesRegular litter-picks, equipped by the council, have targeted specific parts of town, revisiting them as necessary. As many as 20 people at a time have joined in clearing litter, and some pieces found can be identified as many years old. Recently there have been sessions on Landport, Brooks Road, Pells and in the tree-belt by the A27 by-pass. Hundreds of bags of litter and fly-tipping have been cleared or recycled.

Friends of Lewes also provided £15 in book tokens to pupils of St Pancras Primary School, who designed posters for Litter Free Lewes and which will provide books about the environment.



If you know of an area in the town that needs the group’s attention, you can find them on Facebook or by e-mailing