Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 4 July 2019

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 4 July 2019:

SDNP/19/03045/ADJAUT: Redevelopment of ‘former auction rooms’ into ten residential units comprising two no. two-bed split-level apartments, four no. three-bedroom houses and four no. four-bedroom houses. Garden Street Auction Rooms Garden Street.
The Friends of Lewes Society has reviewed the revised scheme and maintains its objection to this development. It shows no material changes from the original scheme other than the block of flats adjacent to the station, which have been reduced from four floors to three. The Society considers the proposal to be an inappropriate design solution for this important site which remains unacceptable. The visual images clearly illustrate the use of very hard detailing for a housing scheme with raised walls separating the individual units and the use of cobbles throughout, with minimal landscaping. This approach is more suitable for an office or commercial development rather than a residential scheme.

One of the delights of Lewes is the glimpses one gets of the South Downs between and above developments. One such place is by the Southover Grange Gardens gate at the top of Garden Street where the view of the chalk face rising above the Cliffe is good. The development will block this important view and the wonderful golden glow of the chalk, seen at sunset, will be lost. Strategic Policy SD6: Safeguarding Views in the emerging SDNPA Local Plan is intended to conserve and enhance the ‘Breathtaking views’ referred to in Special Quality 1 of the National Park and the ‘Scenic quality’ which forms the second factor of Natural England’s evaluation framework for natural beauty. A requirement for development ‘not to harm the visual integrity, identity and scenic quality of the National Park’ is included in the policy. The Society strongly believes that the proposed development is in breach of this policy.

On matters of detail, the Society’s concerns have been ignored regarding the lack of consideration of the relationship of the development within the immediate townscape context and also the need to relate to the Garden Street frontage with its significant change of levels. The extensive use of timber shingles is not suited to curved buildings and would be both difficult to install and to maintain between units that are very close together.

The elevations showing the likely impact of the proposals on the overall setting remain inadequate, in particular the “Elevation from Southover Road – North”.

In summary, the Society considers the development proposed to be contrary to Policies ST3 (Design, Form and Setting of Development), H5 (Development within or affecting Conservation Areas of the Lewes District Local Plan and Strategic Policy SD6 (Safeguarding Views) of the emerging SDNPA Local Plan.

SDNP/19/02293/HOUS: Replacement of existing timber frame windows with UPVC casement windows. 73 Western Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the use of uPVC windows in the Conservation Area. Traditional timber windows should be used.

SDNP/19/02691/HOUS: Proposed single storey side and rear extension and gable roof extension, 2no roof lights to the front and dormer to the rear. 9 Fitzjohns Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed dormer which is too large and does not conform to the recommendations set out in the Friends of Lewes ‘Planning Advice for Dormer Windows’.

SDNP/19/03073/ADV: Proposed fascia sign to front elevation. 48 Malling Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the size of the lettering proposed, which is too large; smaller lettering would be more appropriate.

SDNP/19/02989/HOUS: New dormers to front and rear roofslopes, roof extension at rear, various external changes at rear of property. 8 Grange Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the design of the rear dormer which is too wide and too high. Furthermore, the roof extension that extends beyond the dormer is of a strange design, too fussy and will look out of character. The existing hipped roof to the rear, which is shared with the neighbouring property, will be interrupted and the remaining roof structure will appear out of place.


The Committee also examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/19/01744/HOUS 22 The Gallops. Single storey extension.
SDNP/19/02752/FUL Trinity St John Sub Castro Parish Church, Lancaster Street. Interpretation panels.
SDNP/19/02775/HOUS 7 Pelham Terrace. Rear dormer, demolish shed, build single storey rear extension, replace windows and doors, external and internal alterations.
SDNP/19/02798/HOUS & 20799/LIS Malling Deanery, West Wing, Church Lane, South Malling.   Entrance gates.
SDNP/19/03044/ADV 20-21 High Street (formerly Steamer Trading).   Signs.
SDNP/19/03002/HOUS 18 Highdown Road.   Two storey side extension.
SDNP/19/02803/FUL Southover Pumping Station, Kinston Road.   Chlorine dosing and storage kiosk.
SDNP/19/02813/FUL & 02860/LIS 191 High Street.   Remove chimney stack and chimney breast.
SDNP/19/03016/HOUS & 03017/LIS 65 Southover High Street.   Two storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/03062/FUL 54 St Anne’s Crescent.   New dwelling.
SDNP/19/03134/LDE 22 Talbot Terrace.   Retain single storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/02862/LIS 140 High Street.   New WCs.

Planning Application Approved