Three new historical plaques for Lewes

Three new historic plaques went up in Lewes recently to highlight buildings of historical interest, thanks to Lewes Town Council and the Friends of Lewes.

The three can be found on Lewes House (on School Hill), the former council offices on Fisher Street, and on 43 Cliffe High Street. The first two buildings were designed by the Lewes architect Rowland Hawke Halls, and the third marks where Dame Grace Kimmins, founder of what is now the Chailey Heritage Foundation lived as a child in the 1870s.

The Lewes Town Council and the Friends of Lewes have installed more than 70 plaques across the town to highlight the histories of buildings that may be unknown to visitors or residents.

For the full list, see our Historical Plaques web page.

Grace Kimmins and Lewes plaque
Grace Kimmins and the new plaque on 43 Cliffe High Street

If you have suggestions for other locations where a plaque should be installed, please contact the Friends of Lewes at