Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 4 June 2020

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 4 June 2020: 

SDNP/20/00313/LIS: Retention of works, including the demolition of the rear extension and addition of a single storey extension, including replacement of stairs and provision of ramp to the main access, and enlargement of main entrance gate, including the replacement of both posts. 4 St James Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the extension. However, the Society objects to the enlargement of the main entrance gate because inadequate details have been provided of the proposed work. There is no east elevation to show the proposed entrance as seen from the street or details of the materials to be used. Both are required.

SDNP/20/01552/LIS: Investigation works and repairs to minaret over central stair of Tyne House. 140 High Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the proposed investigation but consider that more details of the minaret are required and the investigation should provide further drawings. The raised rooflight appears to be modern, from the 1960’s, and the opportunity should be taken to reinstate traditional detailing in accordance with the principles of the adopted Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan. The Society therefore objects to any repair works, which should be the subject of a further application once investigations are complete.

SDNP/20/01646/HOUS: Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey extension, replacement front porch, and changes to external fenestration, including cladding at first floor. Heath Cottage Stables Spital Road.
Friends of Lewes regard the proposed timber cladding to be an improvement but comment that further details of the cladding to be used should be provided for approval.

SDNP/20/01660/ADV: Wooden hanging sign to be attached to brick of building via iron bracket with acrylic sign to be attached to side elevation near front entrance door, and internal privacy film with company logo to be attached to lower section of first window in east elevation of building. Suite 1 23 East Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the hanging sign which it considers to be an unsympathetic addition to the listed building in the Conservation Area. The Society also objects to the proposed acrylic sign and plastic window film which are inappropriate materials for use on a listed building.

SDNP/20/01707/HOUS: Proposed rooflights and rear dormer. Brendon Rotten Row.
Friends of Lewes do not support the proposal to add a new conservation rooflight on the eastern catslide roof as this will result in an unbalanced design. It comments that a more balanced design would result from widening the existing dormer to incorporate the proposed rooflight. The design should match the other dormer proposed for the second floor.

SDNP/20/01738/ADV: Installation of four non-illuminated free standing signs to each roundabout. Multiple Roundabouts within Lewes.
Friends of Lewes object to the excessive number of signs per roundabout which are far too large, will distract road users and be detrimental to the wider street scene. No more than two modest sized signs per roundabout would be adequate, set low down and integrated into an overall scheme for improving the appearance of the roundabouts.

SDNP/20/01791/HOUS: Single storey rear ground floor extension and loft conversion with rear dormer. 10 Churchill Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the excessive massing of the proposed dormer which should be set further down from the ridge and reduced in size in accordance with the Friends of Lewes ‘The Design of Dormer Windows Planning Advice Note’.

SDNP/20/01914/CND: Variation of condition 2 of application SDNP/18/03889/FUL to include two ventilation stacks to the roof. Malling Community Centre Spences Lane.
Friends of Lewes comments that the ventilation stacks are very high and the need for such a height should be justified.

SDNP/20/01941/HOUS: Alterations to dwelling including single storey rear extension to replace existing extension and conservatory, alterations to main roof form including enlargement of existing rear-facing dormer, and new garden room to replace existing shed. 28 Ferrers Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the rear dormer which is too wide and out of proportion with the rest of the building. The proposed fenestration is inconsistent with the existing and the four lights proposed should be reduced to three. Access to the timber cladding for maintenance will be difficult and the use of more durable materials such a zinc or lead is encouraged.

SDNP/20/00928/HOUS: Erection of conservatory to the rear, replacement of existing porch with three storey extension, alterations to the existing roof by raising roof ridge height and roof extension from hip to gable, insert rooflights, solar panels and dormers and alterations to fenestration. Home Furlong The Motor Road Old Racecourse.
Friends of Lewes object to the increased mass of the building which is in a prominent open downland location that is visible from a distance, as is the whole racecourse site. The proposed three storey porch is out of proportion with the existing property and the materials proposed are unsuitable for this rural location. The dormer windows are up to the roof ridge, too high and use inappropriate materials. Changing the roof from hip to gable emphasises the mass of the building as does increasing the overall height of the ridge by up to one metre.

SDNP/20/01837/FUL: Installation of gates on both ends of Green Wall. Green Wall.
Although sympathetic to the reasons behind this application Friends of Lewes object to the proposal to create a gated community. Green Wall is a public footpath and follows the position of the old town wall, a scheduled ancient monument. Its closure is unlawful without public consultation by East Sussex County Council and consideration of any objections. Closure is not in the interests of the wider pedestrian movement in the town and sets a dangerous precedent which could be repeated in many twittens and cut throughs affecting the enjoyment of many areas of the historic town. The public footpath along the Green Wall is also an important interface with the planned North Street Quarter redevelopment proposals.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/20/01236/FUL South Malling Church Of England Primary School Church Lane. Enlarge reception area
SDNP/20/01552/LIS Garden House, Rotten Row.   Replace garage with driveway.
SDNP/20/01562/HOUS Vipers Wharf, Railway Lane.   Pergola and trellis including flood barriers, replace double door with single door and sidelight.
SDNP/20/01707/HOUS 1 Malling Street.   Replace flat roof.
SDNP/20/01914/CND 204 High Street.   Remove paint from interior beams and chimney stack.
SDNP/20/01941/HOUS 14 Hill Road.   Alterations including replacement of joinery, modifying external openings and replacement of chimney.
SDNP/20/01945/HOUS 1 Crosshaven Place.   Front porch.

Planning Application Approved