Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 2 December 2020

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 2 December 2020: 

SDNP/20/04079/HOUS: Erection of a two storey side and rear extension, and widening of existing driveway. 38 Highdown Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the overlarge extension proposed for an already extended semi-detached house. The Society considers the proposals represent an over-development of the site which unbalances the pair of semi-detached houses and would be detrimental to the existing streetscape. The pitch of the false pitched roof proposed does not match that of the existing roof. The extension of the area of block paving is unwelcome and if not porous will increase surface water run-off.

SDNP/20/04716/HOUS: Construction of a detached double garage to replace existing timber summerhouse and shed. 6 Park Road.
Friends of Lewes comments that any alterations to the existing driveway should be in porous materials. The Society supports the Design and Conservation comments that better accessibility to the garage should not be justification for further development.

SDNP/20/05034/HOUS: Demolition of existing garage, outbuilding and rear extension and construction of new single storey rear extension, two storey side extension, loft conversion with hip to gable conversion and new rear dormer and proposed relocation of vehicle crossover. 1 East Way.
Friends of Lewes object to the excessive size of the proposed single dormer in a very visible location on a corner plot. The Society would not object to two smaller dormers instead. Black timber cladding is considered inappropriate and natural wood cladding would be preferred. The proposed new driveway should be in porous materials.

SDNP/20/05080/FUL: Relocation and extension of the existing rear roaster flue. 18 Cliffe High Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the flue being extended to ridge level which will be very visible. A lower flue would be supported that terminates 600mm above the second-floor windows.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/20/03917/HOUS The Red House, Rotten Row.   Replace windows.
SDNP/20/04449/HOUS 93 South Street.   Extension above existing.
SDNP/20/04584/FUL & 05264/LIS Suite 2, 23 High Street.   Change use of ground floor to residential.
SDNP/20/04702/HOUS 12 Garden Street.   Single storey rear extension and loft conversion with rear dormers and front rooflights.
SDNP/20/04781/LIS 23 Abinger Place.   Roof repair, chimney cowl and window restoration.
SDNP/20/04793/HOUS 6 Montacute Road.   Convert garage.
SDNP/20/04814/HOUS 9 Montacute Road.   Refurbish garage and remodel roof.
SDNP/20/04830/LIS 2 Mount Pleasant.   Window, downpipe and round floor render replacements, altering wall leadwork and timber boarding, insulation removal, replace internal lining and extend tiling.
SDNP/20/04865/LDP 37 Gundreda Road.   Garden room extension to rear.
SDNP/20/04902/HOUS & 04903/LIS 9 Lancaster Street.   Alterations to listed building.
SDNP/20/SDNP/20/05090/FUL Greyfriars Court, Court Road.   Replace facias and soffits.
SDNP/20/05134/LIS 107 Malling Street.   Retain windows.
SDNP/20/ 04538/FUL Suite 1, 16 Market Street.   Change use to tattoo parlour.
SDNP/20/05103/LIS 10-11 Top Floor Flat, Priory Crescent.   Internal alterations.
SDNP/20/05144/HOUS 2 Pellbrook Road.   Single storey front and side extension.
SDNP/20/05147/HOUS 1 De Montfort Terrace.   Rear and side single storey extension.
SDNP/20/05211/LIS 182 High Street.   Extend Jury dais furniture in Crown Court 3.

Planning Application Approved