Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 1 July 2021

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 July 2021:

SDNP/21/02697/PRE: Installation of a free-standing monolith sign, which contains local maps and wayfinding information. Lewes Railway Station Station Road.
Friends of Lewes support the concept of an updated town map which will encourage visitors to Lewes to explore the many attractions in the town and the surrounding area. It comments that the proposed location is likely to be ‘the least bad position’ and it is important that the monolith does not reduce visibility of the pedestrian crossing adjacent to it.

SDNP/21/02753/HOUS: Retrospective planning permission for retention of an outbuilding and storage shed. 22 Paddock Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the front garden storage shed which is out of scale and dominates the street. There should be no structures above the window cill level and as in other parts of the street the front garden wall should be lowered or doors placed within it. The rear garden outbuilding appears overly large, incongruous and unneighbourly.

SDNP/21/03110/FUL: Erection of 3 bedroom dwelling on the land adjacent to 34 Middle Way. Land adjacent to 34 Middle Way.
The Friends of Lewes Planning Committee was divided on this application. Some members support the imaginative design, constructed at a lower level than the adjacent house, which would deliver new housing within the existing development area. Others, whilst recognising that the development is cleverly planned, consider the proposed building to be crammed onto too small a site.  This results in the loss of a necessary open space on the corner of a busy road and would block sight lines.

SDNP/21/02770/HOUS: New dormer to front roof slope and roof light to rear roof slope. 5 Eastport Lane.
Friends of Lewes comment that as the development falls within the conservation area the dormer roof should be covered in lead or zinc; not a single ply membrane.

SDNP/21/03200/HOUS: new rear/side extension, internal refurbishment and loft conversion. 5 Park Road.
Friends of Lewes comment that the loss of the chimney stack at the rear is unfortunate and will be detrimental to the overall appearance of the building. If possible, it should be retained.

SDNP/21/03224/FUL: demolition of existing buildings contained within a former woodyard. The White House Eastgate Wharf.
Friends of Lewes object strongly to this application. Development within the conservation area involving the demolition of existing buildings should only proceed if and when replacement buildings or alternative development has been approved. Despite the Society having repeatedly asked the owners about their development plans for the site, over many years, nothing has been forthcoming. The application states that the existing building is not considered to contribute to the conservation area. However, it is an important landmark building within the wider landscape when viewed from Phoenix Causeway and Cliffe Bridge. The Society therefore calls for the application to be refused in accordance with Core Policy SD1 (Sustainable Development) of the South Downs Local Plan, as the development proposals fail to conserve the landscape, natural beauty and cultural heritage of the National Park. The Society comments that the threat to the existing building appears to be the consequence of inadequate security, repair and maintenance of the buildings over a long period. Nothing in the Structural Report provides evidence that the building is in immediate danger of collapse and mitigation measures should be taken to stabilise its condition and make it secure.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/21/02166/LIS 137 High Street.   Internal alterations.
SDNP/21/02490/HOUS 3 Old Laundry Cottages, Southover High Street.   Remove side door and replace with window.
SDNP/21/SDNP/21/02522/HOUS The Old Farmhouse, Toronto Terrace.   Replace windows and replace french doors with patio doors.
SDNP/21/02676/LIS 204 High Street.   Retain window replacement, repair and paint windows.
SDNP/21/02819/FUL St Michael in Lewes Church, High Street.   Railings in front of gullies.
SDNP/21/02960/HOUS 67 North Way. Retrospective application for the retention of hip to gable roof extension, rear dormer and front rooflights, the construction of front porch and landscaping.
SDNP/21/02964/HOUS 52 Houndean Rise.   Timber cladding and window replacement.
SDNP/21/03021/HOUS 2 Highdown Road. Two storey extension, remove conservatory and create patio.
SDNP/21/03089/LDP 60 St Pancras Road.   Remove and infill rooflights, replace roof covering with green roof, new rooflight.
SDNP/21/03103/HOUS 96 Prince Edward’s Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/21/03221/HOUS 82 South Street.   Two storey rear extension, second floor balcony, single storey side extension and remove chimney stack.   Car port to rear.
SDNP/21/03524/HOUS 42 South Way.   Demolish garage and conservatory and construct side and rear extension with rear dormer.
SDNP/21/02300/HOUS 41 Winterbourne Close.   Part demolish rear extension and rebuild/renew new extension.
SDNP/21/03447/OHL Undergrounding of 33kV OHL and install two new H-poles.


Planning Application Approved