Friends of Lewes Guiding Principles for the Design of Garden Rooms

Over the last few years the Society has observed an increase in the number of planning applications for garden rooms to be used as home offices or to provide additional accommodation.

The natural features and spaciousness of gardens make an important contribution to the Lewes townscape as well as supporting climate change mitigation through surface water management and urban cooling. Thus a garden room can have a significant impact on local character, amenity and flood risk.

The Society also has concerns that when the immediate need has gone there could be a later change of use to either a commercial or a separate rental ‘beds in sheds’ facility, with an initially unintended detrimental impact on neighbours and support infrastructure.

The Friends of Lewes has therefore produced guiding principles regarding the design of garden rooms which it encourages local planning authorities, property owners, developers and architects to follow. Its Planning Committee will apply the guiding principles when considering its response to planning applications for such development in Lewes.

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Friends of Lewes Planning Guiding Principles

This page has been superseded by the Planning Advice Note of March 2017