Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 7 April 2016

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 7 April 2016.

Weeks ending 8, 15, 22 and 29 March and 5 April

No objections were raised to the applications reviewed. However, the drawings submitted with three applications from Lewes District Council for pram and cycle shelters were considered to fall well below the standard required for planning applications. The following comment was submitted:

SDNP/16/00744/FUL: Installation of bike and buggy shelter/storage. Spences Court 58 Spences Lane.

SDNP/16/00951/FUL: Installation of two bike shelters. Heron Court Ousedale Close.

SDNP/16/00971/FUL: Installation of bicycle shelter. 58-80 Blois Road.

Friends of Lewes has no objection in principle to the development proposed. However, it was unable to make informed judgments on the impact of the proposals from the poor quality drawings submitted with SDNP/16/00744/FUL and SDNP/16/00971/FUL and the absence of any drawings with SDNP/16/00951/FUL. The Society considers all of the applications should have included drawings that clearly show the elevations and materials of the development proposed and that LDC as a planning authority should set good standards via its own planning applications.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/16/00412/HOUS 23 Eastport Lane.   Enlarge rear door opening, remove side door and new windows.
SDNP/16/00888/HOUS 2A Chapel Hill.   Garden studio.
SDNP/16/00712/FUL & 00713/LIS 212 High Street.   Change use to residential.
SDNP/16/00864/HOUS 8 The Lynchets.   Replace side extension, reinstate front door and install rear door.
SDNP/16/00590/LIS 199-200 High Street.   Change colour of front doors to “Down Pipe” grey.
SDNP/16/00859/HOUS 4 Morley Close.   Single storey side and rear extension.
SDNP/16/00895/HOUS 26 the Spinneys.   Rear and side extensions and new porch.
SDNP/16/00949/FUL By The Way, Bradford Way.   Satellite dish.
SDNP/16/00953/HOUS 15 Valence Road.   Side and rear extensions.
SDNP/16/00963/HOUS 58 Valence Road.   Side and rear extensions.
SDNP/16/00421/FUL 37 Southover High Street.   Reinstate light well and replace cover with metal grill.
SDNP/16/01007/HOUS 119A South Street.   New door.
SDNP/16/00468/FUL 5 Fitzgerald Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/16/00699/LIS First Floor Offices, 6 Cliffe High Street.   Remove internal wall.
SDNP/16/01223/LIS First Floor Flat, 10-11 Priory Crescent.   Internal alterations and ventilation grilles.
SDNP/16/01255/FUL Units B & C, Malling Brooks Business Park, Southdowns Road.  Extension, alterations and part change of use to include shop/goods retail.
SDNP/16/01275/HOUS 17 Gundreda Road.   Install air source heat pump apparatus.
SDNP/16/1335/HOUS 43 Mill Road.   Retain summerhouse with decking.
SDNP/16/00372/FUL Western Road Primary School. Replace steel windows with powder coated aluminium windows.
SDNP/16/00790/FUL 56 Court Road. Replace timber windows with PVCu windows.
SDNP/16/00810/FUL 23 Mildmay Road. Convert garage to store/utility room.

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