Friends voice concern over blank Lewes windows

Item featured in Sussex Express, Friday 16 September 2016, page 5

Friends of Lewes have drawn a blank in their attempts to get Boots and WHS to do something about their long-time empty windows, which add nothing to the streetscape in the vicinity of the pedestrian precinct. In a town which understandably attracts a lot of tourists, it does not create a good impression.

2 photos of blank windows at Boots, Lewes

Managers at both chain stores indicated that the space was too valuable not to be used for internal retail display: that may be so, but surely there is no reason why these windows could not be used to promote the store or a local good cause, which would show their involvement in the community and bring them into line with other neighbouring stores where the window displays add variety and interest to the street views.

If you feel the same, you might ask the stores’ managers directly what can be done.