Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 1 March 2018

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 March 2018.

Weeks ending 6, 13 20 and 27 February 2018

Week ending 6 February

SDNP/18/00134/FUL: Installation of an overhead fibre optic cable between the Former YMCA Lewes building and the Castleworks. Castle Works Westgate Street.
Friends of Lewes object to overhead cabling in the Conservation Area. Cables should be run underground or alternative wireless technologies employed.

Week ending 20 February

SDNP/18/00416/FUL: Refurbishment of old generator room for conversion into office space. 40 – 42 Friars Walk.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to the development proposed. However, it comments that the design of the stairwell is over dominant and its junction with the existing building is clumsy and unconsidered. The use of Corten steel needs careful detailing to stop stain runoff.

SDNP/18/00424/HOUS: Loft conversion with dormer to rear. 3 St Michaels Terrace.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed roof dormer which is too large, too wide and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing house. The detailing of the design is poor and the false pitched roof cannot disguise the large flat roof.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/18/00153/HOUS & 00154/LIS 146 High Street.   Convert stable/outbuilding into dwelling.
SDNP/18/00255/HOUS 14 Stansfield Road.   Two storey side extension.
SDNP/18/00476/HOUS 9 Clare Road.   Demolish garage and extensions, erect new garage, two storey side and rear extensions and single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/06391/FUL The Workshop, Pipe Passage.   Demolish workshop and erect single storey studio.
SDNP/18/00070/HOUS 3 Horsfield Road.   Convert dwelling into two separate dwellings.
SDNP/18/00580/CND 40-42 Friars Walk.   Variation of Condition relating to amending parking from 35 to 30 spaces.
SDNP/100656/LIS 11 Priory Crescent.   Retain chimney lining and add new cowl.
SDNP/18/00036/LIS 41 Cliffe High Street.   Re-site toilet to basement.
SDNP/18/00620/HOUS & 00621/LIS 20 Friars Walk.   Retain rooflight.
SDNP/18/00707/LIS 182 HIgh Street (Crown courts).   Expand Wifi services.
SDNP/18/00825/HOUS 53 Old Malling Way.   Replace extension roof with flat roof and add two Velux windows to rear roof slope.