Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 5 April 2018

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 5 April 2018.

Weeks ending 6, 13, 20 & 27 March & 3 April 2018

Weekly list as at 6 March

SDNP/18/00851/HOUS: Proposed loft conversion to include front and rear dormer windows. 7 Delaware Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the design of the front dormer which is over- elaborate and out of proportion with the rest of the house. The Society also objects to the excessive mass and bulk of the rear box dormer which is too wide, too high and will unbalance the existing roofscape.

SDNP/18/00937/HOUS: Conversion of existing loft space including creation of dormer window to rear of property and 2 x rooflights installed to front roof.  46 Winterbourne Close.
Friends of Lewes object to the excessive mass and bulk of the box dormer which is too wide and too high.

Weekly list as at 13 March

SDNP/18/00726/ADV: Installation of new shop front sign. 162 High Street (Panda Garden)
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to the new shop front sign. However it would welcome removal of the existing internal illumination of the sign, which is inappropriate in the Conservation Area. (Neutral stance)

Weekly list as at 20 March

SDNP/18/01235/FUL: Erection of four dwelling houses. Street Record Daveys Lane.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the proposed development. The Society welcomed being consulted over details of the development and commends the wider community consultation undertaken by the applicant.

Weekly list as at 3 April

SDNP/18/01024/HOUS: Installation of a rear dormer window extension and front elevation rooflights.  12 Morris Road.
Whilst recognising that the properties to both sides of the applicants property have similar box dormers Friends of Lewes object to the excessive mass and bulk of the proposed dormer in the Conservation Area.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/18/00480/HOUS The New Coach House, Malling Deanery.   Retain timber deck.
SDNP/18/00560/FUL Waitwell House, Malling Hill.   New three bedroom detached dwelling, with off road parking and demolition of workshop.
SDNP/18/00747/HOUS 14 Pelham Terrace.   Replace window with door; new terrace and balcony.
SDNP/18/00855/HOUS Rykehurst House, Rotten Row.   Paint pebble dash render to garage.
SDNP/18/00886/HOUS 5 Barons Down Road.   Enlarge patio door and insert side windows.
SDNP/18/00131/HOUS Antioch Lodge, Rotten Row.   Replace three front windows.
SDNP/18/00435/LIS 17 Eastgate Street.   Remove internal staircase.
SDNP/18/00733/HOUS 15 Gundreda Road.   Convert conservatory into room.
SDNP/18/00969/FUL Sussex Police Headquarters, Church Lane, South Malling.   Create memorial garden with three brick walls.
SDNP/18/00890/HOUS 61 North Way. Convert garage to bedroom/office with utility room, replace roof with mansard roof.
SDNP/18/00940/HOUS 89 Paddock Lane.   Replace windows and doors, extend porch roof and replace guttering and pipes.
SDNP/18/1067/HOUS Long Cottage, King Henry’s Road.   Rear and front extention.
SDNP/18/01027/HOUS 7 Cross Way.   Single storey side and rear extension and timber decking.
SDNP/18/01210/LIS 8-9 Chapel Hill.   Enabling works to enable inspection of timber frame.
SDNP/18/01226/FUL & 01227/LIS 77 High Street (Lewes Estates).   Change use of first, second and third floors to residential.
SDNP/18/01233/LIS 65 High Street (Old Post Office).   Additional internal alterations.
SDNP/18/01259/HOUS 33 Ferrers Road.   Demolish garage and construct new side extension.
SDNP/17/06289/FUL St Anne’s School, Rotten Row.   Repair wall, remove trees and shrubs.
SDNP/18/00737/FUL The Swan Inn, 30A Southove rHigh Street.   Rear extension to provide WC and internal alterations.
SDNP/18/01058/LIS West Lodge, Southover High Street.   Internal alterations including opening up kitchen refitting and refurbishing bathrooms and enclosing bedroom.
SDNP/18/00805/HOUS 46 Gundreda Road.   Replace fence and erect pergola.
SDNP/18/01372/HOUS 4 Court Road.   Replace windows with UPVC.
SDNP/18/01305/HOUS & 01306/LIS Flat, 4 North Street.   Re-plan kitchen and insert roof lights.