Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 3 June 2021

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 3 June 2021:

SDNP/21/02393/PRE: Erection of 10no affordable homes, four holiday let units and community pavilion along with ecological improvements and native planting (provision of affordable homes for proposed development under SDNP/21/02384/PRE Stanmer House and SDNP/21/02388/PRE Patcham Place). New Pit Depot Mill Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the development proposal which falls outside the settlement boundary shown in the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan and is not a site allocated for development in the plan. The Society considers development would have an adverse impact on the adjacent Lewes Downs Special Area of Conservation and Lewes Downs SSSI. Access to the proposed development site is very poor and risks compromising the safety of the cycle path which links the B2192 to the A26 via Mill Road. Furthermore, the design of the development is dull and unimaginative and does not encompass the landscape led principle for the design of development in the National Park.

SDNP/21/01996/FUL: Proposed amendments to approved application (SDNP/15/01303/FUL) to culvert the existing ditch in the north east corner of the development site, providing new parking, bin & bike store layout. Correcting the site boundary to reflect the Land Registry redline and the development substation location. Land at Southdowns Road.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to the amendments proposed. However, it appears that access to the bike store is very restricted in the new location. Access via the parking space will be blocked if a vehicle is parked and there is a very narrow gap between the bin store and the electrical sub-station. The layout should be changed to address this.

SDNP/21/02308/HOUS: Removal of rear conservatory and replacement with single storey extension and creation of a dormer to the rear roof slope. 13 Prince Charles Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the box dormer which is too high and too wide, contrary to the Design of Dormer Windows Planning Advice Note published by the Friends of Lewes.

SDNP/21/02918/MPO: The obligation under clause 1.5 of Schedule 1 on SDNP/17/03100/FUL to provide the four Affordable Housing Units as affordable private units is amended to permit delivery as Shared Ownership. Land Brooks Road.
Friends of Lewes comment that it is essential that the shared ownership proposal ensures that it delivers the same or greater benefits as affordable housing when measured against the benchmark of Lewes Low Cost Housing set out in the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/20/05695/FUL & 05696/LIS 65 High Street.   Single storey side extension, cladding west wall, replace two windows, form door opening (to bricked up historical door opening) and internal alterations.
SDNP/21/01528/LIS Suite 1, 23 East Street.   Sign, repaint front door and privacy film on windows.
SDNP/21/01546/LIS 141 High Street.   Vision panels on internal doors and replace internal doors with fire rates ones.
SDNP/21/01773/LIS 111 High Street.   Replace timber columns.
SDNP/21/01873/PRE Lewes Rowing Club, South Street.  Replace clubhouse.
SDNP/21/02020.FUL Land at units 6-8 Brooks Road.  Change use of ground floor to open Class E.
SDNP/21/02209/HOUS 2 Clare Road.   Single storey rear extension to replace conservatory, side extension and front porch extension.
SDNP/21/02368/HOUS 83 Houndean Rise.   Single storey side extension.
SDNP/21/02392/HOUS 14 Nevill Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/21/02527/HOUS 35 Western Road.   Replace single storey rear extension with new one.
SDNP/21/02594/LIS 30 Sun Street.   Replace floor tiles.
SDNP/21/02521/FUL Builders’ Yard, Chandlers Wharf.  Three storey dwelling with raised ground floor level and below ground ancillary rooms, detached garage and landscaping.

Planning Application Approved