Tingle’s Way – an eco-walk through Lewes

Tingle’s Way is a self-guided trail with themed stories linking the town of Lewes with our natural surroundings. It’s intended as a lasting memorial to Dr Colin Tingle, who died in 2017.

Colin was a Lewesian and respected scientist who specialised in sustainability and the benefits we derive from the natural world’s processes. These benefits are known as ecosystem services, or “Naturegain”. Simple examples are carbon sequestration in trees and plants as an inherent part of their growth, and flood water retention in woods and wetlands through absorption or by acting as natural barriers. Colin was also a major contributor to Lewes’ Neighbourhood Plan, the first in the country to employ an ecosystem approach as its guiding principle.

Tingle’s Way is becoming part of the South Downs Way, offering a route through Lewes, and is being supported by the South Downs National Park Authority, the National Trust and the Sussex Wildlife Trust, amongst others.

Tingle’s Way was piloted with an initial walk in September, and has now been beautifully documented by Lynda Durrant in this guide. Plans for 2019 include the official launch, an exhibition, and the erection of QR-code based way marks by the SDNPA along the route.

Tingles Way guide map
Click map for the Tingle’s Way guide