Friends of Lewes’s comments on the South Downs National Park Authority’s South Downs Local Plan – Pre-Submission Consultation of September 2017

The Local Plan sets the policies against which planning applications will be considered and allocates land for a variety of uses.

It will replace more than a thousand existing planning policies operating across the South Downs National Park from 12 different local authorities with just 96 new policies covering the whole of the National Park from Winchester to Eastbourne.

In spring 2018 SDNPA will submit the first ever Local Plan to the Government for examination, having run a final full public consultation. This commenced on the 26 September and ran for 8 weeks until 21 November 2017.

The Pre-Submission South Downs Local Plan can be read on their Consultation page.

On 16 November 2017 the Friends of Lewes submitted its comments on the plan to the SDNPA [pdf 207 kb]

SDNPA South Downs Local Plan Pre-Submission 2017 cover





Friends of Lewes – Autumn 2017 Newsletter

The Friends of Lewes Autumn 2017 Newsletter is now available as a pdf [620 KB]

Lewes Peace Garden Project

Previous Newsletters and Annual Reports




New book by Marietta Van Dyck – Lewes in Detail

Lewes in Detail book coverArtist Marietta Van Dyck has recently produced a new book containing some of the detailed pen and ink drawings she has produced over the years for Lewes News.

Pomegranate Press, for the Friends of Lewes, 2017.

Copies are available at a number of outlets in Lewes at £5.00.




Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 5 October 2017

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 5 October 2017

Representations made to planning applications in weeks ending 12, 19, 26 September and 3 October

Week ending 12 September

SDNP/17/04265/HOUS: Rear dormer and two hip to gable conversions. 64 Houndean Rise.
Friends of Lewes comment that the hipped to gable end conversions detract from the overall character of the area.

Week ending 19 September

SDNP/17/04025/HOUS: Structural repairs to the roof, existing dormer and replace windows.  26 Lancaster Street.
Friends of Lewes support the renovation and improvements proposed within the Conservation Area.

Week ending 3 October

SDNP/17/04540/HOUS: Loft conversion and rear dormer. 18 Hawkenbury Way.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the roof dormer, which is too wide and out of proportion with the existing building.

SDNP/17/04721/HOUS: Rear dormer window extension to roof. 10 Morris Road.
The roof dormer currently under construction to the rear of 14 Morris Road demonstrates very well the detrimental impact an oversized roof dormer has on the roofscape of Morris Road when viewed from Foundry Lane. The dormer proposed for 10 Morris Road is even larger, extending across the full width of the property and to the top of the ridge. Friends of Lewes object to this development, which will be to the further detriment of the Conservation Area and does not contribute positively to its character, contrary to Core Policy 11 of the Lewes DC Local Plan Joint Core Strategy. In addition, the Society considers the South Downs Local Plan Pre-submission adds weight to its objection to this application. The proposed development does not conserve and enhance the historic environment, contrary to both Strategic Policy SD12 and Development Management Policy SD15 of this plan.

SDNP/17/04859/FUL & SDNP/17/04860/LIS: Change of use from class A1 (Post Office) and from class C4 (Letting rooms- shared facilities) to class B1(a) (Office) including associated alterations and refurbishment.  65 High Street.
Friends of Lewes support and encourage the plans to bring this important building back into use as office space.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/17/03267/FUL Sackville House, Brooks Close. Remove and replace fascia and soffit board.
SDNP/17/03710/FUL Stables, Landport Farm Road.  Erection of new hay barn.
SDNP/17/04080/LIS 209 High Street. Internal non-structural alterations.
SDNP/17/04173/HOUS 2 Church Row. Replace pebble dash render with white plaster render.
SDNP/17/04321/FUL & SDNP/17/04322/LIS 82 High Street. Rear conservatory to first floor flat.
SDNP/17/04366/HOUS 4 Ferrers Road. Garage conversion, single storey rear extension and new dormer.
SDNP/17/04368/HOUS 8 Cranedown. Amendments to previously approved first floor extension.
SDNP/17/04385/HOUS 14 Hill Road. Erection of extension to create new first floor, including front and rear terraces.
SDNP/17/04646/HOUS & SDNP/17/03325/LIS 67 Southover High Street. Remove and replace existing render with lime render.
SDNP/17/04134/LIS & SDNP/17/04444/HOUS 26 Station Street. External repair and redecorations.
SDNP/17/04226/HOUS 42 Mountfield Road. Erection of a single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/04328/ADV Priory of St Pancras, Priory Park, Cockshut Road. Addition of plaque.
SDNP/17/04545/HOUS 17 Market Street. Extension of existing window to pavement level.
SDNP/17/04524/HOUS 11 Beckett Way. Two storey side extension.
SDNP/17/04702/LIS Unit F2 Level 2, Old Needlemakers, West Street. Part change of use to D1.
SDNP/17/04690/HOUS 18 Hamsey Crescent. Erection of a first floor side extension.
SDNP/17/04164/FUL The Dripping Pan, Mountfield Road. New main entrance gate.




Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 7 September 2017

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Friends of Lewes Executive Committee held on 16 August 2017

SDNP/17/03100/FUL: Construction of three blocks with 41 residential units (C3), new business floorspace (B1a/B1c) together with associated parking, external amenity space and landscaping. Land at Units 6-8 Brooks Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the loss of an important business site to mixed residential use. The Brooks Road area is one of the few good quality business areas in Lewes and is not an appropriate location for residential dwellings. Residents of the proposed development would be subject to noise and disturbance from adjacent businesses, including Tesco’s service yard which operates 24 hours a day. The development proposed would be contrary to paragraph 109 of the National Planning Policy Framework which requires the planning system to prevent new development from being put at unacceptable risk from noise pollution. Furthermore, the Society has concerns that, should permission be granted, Environmental Health legislation could require existing noise generating operations in adjacent commercial businesses to be curtailed, causing them to become economically unviable. The introduction of residential development to the area could also trigger the loss of further business space, adversely affecting the economy of the town. The Lewes Town Council Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan Site Assessment rejected this site for residential development because pre-application advice given in SDNP/16/03372/PRE and SDNP/15/03770/PRE did not support the principle of housing in a business area. The Society supports this assessment and in its response to the Neighbourhood Plan consultation has proposed that site should be used for a much needed coach park to support tourism. It therefore considers this planning application should be refused.

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 7 September 2017

Representations made to planning applications in weeks ending 8, 15, 22 and 28 August and 5 September 2017

Week ending 15 August

SDNP/17/03599/LIS: Refurbishment of sash windows and fitting of vertical sliding secondary glazing units. Top Floor Flat, Brack Mound House, Castle Precincts.
Friends of Lewes comment that the design of the secondary glazing horizontal transoms should coincide with those of the original window to minimise their visible impact.

SDNP/17/03713/FUL: New single family dwelling. 111 High Street.
Friends of Lewes commend the elegant design.

Week ending 22 August

SDNP/17/03739/HOUS: Loft conversion incorporating hip to gable extension, rooflights and dormer window. 55 Winterbourne Close.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed loft conversion which destroys the symmetry of the house. The roof dormer is too large and out of proportion with the existing building.

Week ending 28 August

SDNP/17/03787/HOUS: Demolish existing rear outstand and erection of single storey extension and erection of flat roof dormer to the rear. 47 St John Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the scale of the proposed dormer. However, it comments that the proposed felt roofing material is inappropriate in the Conservation Area and zinc or lead should be used.

Week ending 5 September

SDNP/17/04188/HOUS: Replacement of timber windows and doors with UPVC window and doors, replacement bargeboards and facsia, new guttering and downpipe with UPVC. 1 Friars Mews Pinwell Road.
Although this is a modern end of terrace comprising houses of similar design, the group has integrity because it has been designed as a whole and through the use of consistent design motifs and materials. All the neighbouring houses have timber windows and the proposed use of uPVC windows will be discordant and inappropriate in the Conservation Area. The proposed sections are much thicker than the timber sections they are intended to replace and of a different profile. Friends of Lewes therefore object to this application.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/17/04039/FUL Lewes Library, Styles Field. Partial change of use.
SDNP/17/03738/HOUS 29 West Street. Replace rear extension.
SDNP/17/02005/HOUS 66 Western Road. Replace front dormer.
SDNP/17/03662/HOUS & 03663/LIS 25 Sun Street. Ground floor rear side infill extension.
SDNP/17/03836/LIS Strutt and Parker, Walwers Lane. Fibre optic broadband cabling.
SDNP/17/03891/HOUS 25 East Way. Loft conversion including side and rear dormers and rooflight.
SDNP/17/02521/FUL 2 The Meadows. Retain shed.
SDNP/17/03428/LIS 12 and 13 Keere Street. Remove and rebuild boundary wall.
SDNP/17/03576/HOUS 1 Old House Courtyard, Southover High Street. Replace roof,  new roof, porch and single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/03621/HOUS 3 Pelham Terrace. Replace windows.
SDNP/17/04321/HOUS 8 Middle Way. Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/03768/FUL & 03769/LIS Flat 7, The Old Brewery, Thomas Street. Retain condensers and ASHP unit.
SDNP/17/03893/HOUS Rykehurst House, Rotten Row. Render garage and insert window to rear of garage.
SDNP/17/03915/HOUS 27 De Montfort Road. Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/03925/HOUS LIttle Antioch, Rotten Row. Convert garage to studio, new roof finish with rooflight, new door opening.
SDNP/17/03937/FUL 35 Friars Walk. Renew some windows, new door opening and path.
SDNP/17/04125/LIS 60 High Street. Internal alterations.
SDNP/17/04250/HOUS 37 Newton Road. Side and rear extension.
SDNP/17/04263/FUL Unit F2 Old Needlemakers. Part change of use to D1.
SDNP/17/04292/HOUS 27 St Anne’s Crescent. Rear dormer.
SDNP/17/04297/HOUS & 04298/LIS 119 High Street. Alterations to rear extension.
SDNP/17/04296/LIS 6 Montacute Road. New garage/workshop.
SDNP/17/04330/HOUS 28 Hereward Way. Replace conservatory.
SDNP/17/04133/ADV 60 High Street. Replace signage.




The Ouse Catchment: Flooding, Nature, Management. Friends of Lewes talk – Thursday 19 October 2017, 7:45pm

Peter King from OART, the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust, and Kim Smith from the Environment Agency

In this two presenter talk, Peter King will talk about OART projects, especially in the Ouse catchment, to moderate water flow, restore habitat, and improve water quality.

Kim Smith of the Environment Agency will cover subjects such as flood risk in the Lewes area; agricultural practices that influence flood risk; sewage and pollution inflows to the river; agricultural and water supply abstraction; climate change; and big picture strategy about mitigation and planning, perhaps touching on the future of the Cliffe bridge bottleneck.

River Ouse talk image

7.45pm Lecture Room, Lewes Town Hall (Fisher Street entrance)

Open to all – admission free to Friends of Lewes members, £3 for non-members. Wine and juice can be purchased in the interval.

See the Diary page for a list of  forthcoming events organised by the Friends of Lewes.

We appreciate your feedback or suggestions regarding our events programme. Please use this form to convey your comments. You can also contact us by email if you have an enquiry.





Lewes History Group talk on the Lewes Floods of 2000: Monday 9 October 2017, 7:00 for 7:30pm

Christine Hall and Mick Hawksworth: Remembering the Lewes Floods 2000

The floods of October 2000 brought devastation to the lives of local people and businesses and many still remember it vividly, including the extended periods spent trying to get homes and premises back to some kind of normality.

Mick Hawksworth videoed the aftermath of the Lewes Floods, recording the stories of ordinary people in the town, as well as the heroic efforts of the Emergency Services. He says,”The film includes the photos and testimony of local people describing how the flood affected them, their friends and families. I intercut it with BBC news footage and also put in references to the earlier floods in the 1960s.”

A decade on, in 2010, Christine Hall and co-director Wenda Bradley, managed ‘After the Flood’, a project that included an exhibition of flood memories, photos, art, poetry and music.

Now, 17 years later, Christine and Mick of Artemis Arts, themselves victims of the flooding, are revisiting the impact on the town and its residents with a film & illustrated talk.

2000 Lewes floods

Image courtesy of Mick Hawksworth

All are welcome from 7.00pm for free refreshments and updates on the Group’s activities. The talk will begin promptly at 7:30pm and will finish by 9.00pm.

There is an entry fee for these meetings, payable at the door, of £2 for members, and £3 for non-members.

Venue: The King’s Church building on Brooks Road, Lewes, BN7 2BY. (Between Tesco car park and Homebase)

See the Meetings page for a list of  forthcoming monthly talks organised by the Lewes History Group.