Resumed Hearings to Examine the Proposed Modifications of the LDC and SDNPA’s Joint Core Strategy, 16-17 December 2015

As part of the normal planning process, an inspector appointed by the Department for Communities and Local Government held a public hearing in January to review the draft Lewes District/SDNPA Joint Core Strategy. This plan includes housing land allocations for new homes across those parts of Lewes District with the National Park.

In his subsequent report, the inspector asked that consideration should be given to zoning Old Malling Farm for housing, on the grounds that the plan’s land allocation for housing fell significantly short of the assigned target, and the site seemed suitable for development.

The two authorities then consulted over this, included the Old Malling Farm land as a modification to the Joint Core Strategy, and public comment was invited.  Because of the resulting public reaction and his own recognition of the controversial nature of the proposal, the inspector has now decided to resume the hearing, in order to deal with the proposed modification.

The resumed hearing has been scheduled to commence on Wednesday 16 December at 10 am, and will continue on to Thursday 17 December 2015. The venue will be the Main Hall, King’s Church, Brooks Road, Lewes, BN7 2BY.

Any member of the public can attend the hearing, but the Inspector will choose who is given the opportunity to speak. The Friends of Lewes will be represented.

Notice of the Resumed Hearings

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