Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 9 January 2020

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 9 January 2020:

SDNP/19/05015/ADV: Proposed new signages at the relocated hand car wash. 2no 8x 5mm dibond panel within galvanized steel frames and 1no banner with name “Tesco Hand Car Wash”  Tesco Supermarket Brooks Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the extent of advertising on the panels of the relocated car wash, which is excessive when compared to the existing facility. The Society considers the proposals are contrary to Strategic Policy SD5: Design of the adopted South Downs Local Plan.

SDNP/19/05164/FUL: Replace timber and steel frame windows with uPVC double glazed units. 47A Western Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed use of uPVC windows in the Conservation Area. Alternative materials that are appropriate for the Conservation Area should be used by the local authority, consistent with those that have been used by private householders in the area.

SDNP/19/05619/FUL: Demolition of the vacant building and the construction of 28 residential units with associated landscaping and on-site car parking. Astley House Spital Road.
Friends of Lewes support the principle of redeveloping Astley House for housing in accordance with the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan. It is disappointed at the low number of affordable housing units proposed against the 50% planning policy requirement of the South Downs National Park. Whilst recognising the arguments made in the Planning Statement that support the level proposed the Society looks to the planning authority to rigorously scrutinise and challenge how such a low level is justified.

The Society was pleased to discuss the proposed design of the scheme with the developer at an early stage. It challenged a wide range of design issues but considered the proposed design of the houses to be good. However, a strong message was given that that the western elevations of the apartments facing Nevill Road needed reconsideration and improvement. Although the design of the apartments has been changed the Society maintains this position and objects to this aspect of the development. The western elevations of the apartment block appear clumsy and important detailing with respect to brick colour, copings and sills is missing from the application. The site is an important gateway into Lewes and warrants a better design.


The following representations were submitted on 19 December 2019 by Robert Cheesman:

SDNP/19/05791/DCOND:  North Street Industrial Estate.   Discharge of conditions of Phases 2 and 3 of planning consent SDNP/15/01146./FUL for demolition of existing buildings and construction of flood defences and residential units.
Thank you for consulting Friends of Lewes (FoL) on the discharge of these conditions. As you know FoL has been heavily involved in this project since its inception and supported the recommendation that planning permission should be granted when it was discussed by the SDNPA Planning Committee some 4 years ago. It has also been represented on both the Sounding Board and Design Working Group for the project and has taken a close interest in the Landscape and Play Working Group. In particular its two representatives on the Design Working Group have had an opportunity to discuss the proposals for discharging the Phase 2 and 3 conditions with both the applicants and their consultants at two meetings convened for this purpose.. As a result FoL fully supports the proposals in terms of both the overall layout and detailed design of the housing units including the range of materials selected. FoL has an objective to increase the tree cover in Lewes and in that connection notes that it is intended to plant more trees than the number it is planned to remove. However our arboriculturalist members have expressed concern over the Lime tree chosen (Tilia Europaea Pallida) as it is prone to aphid attack which results in honeydew excretion and sooty mould. Since some of the Limes appear to be proposed near parking spaces it could provoke future conflict if car owners complain about the honeydew on their cars. Possible alternative varieties could be Tilia euchlora, Tilkia tomentosa or Tiliu oliveri. In addition the Salix alba proposed, which is not long lived, can have weak branch unions that may fail although it is a good tree if regularly pollarded. More resilient varieties would be Salix acutifolia, Salix viminalis or other Salix Alba varieties such as Lienpede, Sericea or Caerulea.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/19/01985/FUL Land adjacent to 34 King Henry’s Road. Retain bin store.
SDNP/19/05012/FUL Tesco, Brooks Road. Relocate car wash and proposed new parking spaces.
SDNP/19/05479 22 The Avenue. Greenhouse.
SDNP/19/05710/HOUS 60 South Street. Rear dormer and window, roof windows and enlarge ground floor window.
SDNP/19/05748/LDP Court Road Car Park, Court Road. Lawful Development Certificate to determine whether continuation of works under planning permission SDNP/16/01618/FUL for 9 residential dwellings with associated works is lawful.
SDNP/19/05808/FUL Malling House, Church Lane. Install fence and replacement vehicle gate.
SDNP/19/05830/HOUS 11 De Montfort Road. Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/05854/HOUS 8 Southdown Avenue.   Enlarge front dormer, new and replacement roof lights and green roof at rear ground floor.
SDNP/19/06003 The Sun House, 53 Priory Street. Replace rear extensions and windows and obscure glass film in front bay window.
SDNP/19/06004/HOUS 60 Leicester Road. Single storey side and rear extensions.
SDNP/19/06005/HOUS 24 Dale Road. Two storey side extension with porch.
SDNP/19/06026/HOUS 26 The Avenue. Replace windows.
SDNP/19/06127/PRE Rear of 19 High Street (behind Alexis Dove).   Two new dwellings.
SDNP/19/04710/HOUS 4 Little East Street.   Replace two windows.
SDNP/19/05963/HOUS The Workshop, Pipe Passage.   Single storey extension and roof lights.
SDNP/19/06070/HOUS 36 Highdown Road. Two storey side extension with pitched and hipped roof.
SDNP/19/04922/LIS Southover Old House Southover High Street. Repair, conservation and restoration works following fire damage.

Planning Application Approved